Glass Table Tops


glass-tabletop-4            glass-tabletop-5

Glass table tops can be created and customized to fit a variety of needs. Glass can be used over wood to protect the finish and make for easy cleaning with a polished look. Nearly any base can be used to create a unique piece of furniture, including dining tables, desks, coffee and ends table and also outside furniture. Glass tops can also be used to craft counter, bar and sink tops for an individualized appearance.

The glass tops can be fabricated into various shapes and sizes to accommodate a personal desire. When customizing a piece of glass, consider cut, color, thickness and texture. An illustration and measurements are needed to shape the glass as well as the chosen beveled corners. Clear glass is the most well-known but other color options are available: bronze, grey and frosted. Other color options may be available depending on size and thickness. The thickness of the glass top depends on the purpose and function. The glass thickness ranges from 1/8″ to 1/2″. Texture is always another option when making decisions on the final product.