Crystalline By-Pass Shower Door

The quality is crystal clear with the Crystalline By-Pass.

The CrystalLine By-Pass now offers a Framed or Frameless look with the same quality polished extrusions and open CrystalLine look.

Smooth and quiet operation is achieved with a dual durometer sill guide and both styles offer the same contemporary header and smooth threshold.

CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass

CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass Shower Door
CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass Shower Door

Combining a rich, contemporary look with quality engineering, to provide an innovative alternative to framed enclosures.

The frameless look is accentuated by either3/16″ or 1/4″ glass panels with polished edges.

The exclusive clear acrylic towel bar is gracefully shaped and complements the contemporary profile of the header.

Alternative towel bar options are also available. The CrystalLine Frameless By-Pass can also be ordered with a single or double thru-the-glass towel bar or metal towel bar.

CrystalLine Framed By-Pass

CrystalLine Framed By-Pass Shower Door
CrystalLine Framed By-Pass Shower Door

The framed look adds substance to the quality and beauty of the CrystalLine By-Pass unit with its slim glass framing.

The CrystalLine Framed By-Pass can be installed as a stand alone door or with panels.

The sleek polished towel bar and extrusions complete the timeless look of the CrystalLine Framed By-Pass.

The CrystalLine By-Pass is available in several standard sizes or can be customized to fit your opening.

Both the Framed and Frameless styles are available in the most popular colors, including Silver, Gold, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze, or can be powder-coated.